Dry Needles And Unsavory Hollywood Stories, This Week on BTRtoday

Oscar nominations are always exciting for actors, writers, producers and film critics. For the rest of us, it’s usually a snooze with a side order of BS.  What’s the point of debating the merits of movies when they’re mostly mediocre and the awards are pointless anyway. Well, this year, the stakes are higher—an alleged serial sex predator could become a best picture winner—and the odds are, thanks to us, clearer.

But if you still don’t care, we had a lot more going on this week on BTRtoday, from up and coming bands to experimental injury treatments. See below for proof.

The Debut of New Projects By Members of Las Rosas, Public Practice and High Waisted

NYC musicians just can’t get enough of their own passions.

Please Don’t Let “Bohemian Rhapsody” Win Best Picture

If the movie won the Academy’s highest honor, it would be a slap in the face to sexual assault victims.

Dry Needling May Sound Crazy. But it Worked For Me.

Getting punctured by a needle can be scary but the relief is real.

The Keytar is Back, Baby!

Roland has unearthed the oft-clowned on signature electronic instrument of the ‘80s. But this time, it’s no joke.

How To Guess What Movie Will Win Best Picture

If you want to predict the Oscars, you need to understand how old and how white Academy voters are.