Dr. Jill Biden's No Good, Very Bad Endorsement

Dr. Jill Biden endorses her husband, former Senator and Vice President Joe Biden, for president because of course she does. She’s a supportive spouse and a well spoken one at that. But during a campaign stop in Manchester, N.H., Biden picked an odd way to phrase her support for her husband’s presidential run.

Biden’s phrasing isn’t just odd, it’s straight up funny. Naturally, the jokes wrote themselves.

Dr. Jill Biden’s words here also indicate greater fear surrounding Joe Biden’s candidacy. It’s the same fear that led the former VP’s allies to suggest scaling back public events to reduce gaffes or release statements from his neurosurgeon affirming Biden’s mental health. That’s partially why Dr. Biden is already mentioning electability and party unity behind her husband nearly six months before any actual votes are cast. Perhaps time will wash these words and qualms about Joe Biden away. But this far away from primary season, questions about mental health and stability are the kind nobody wants to face.