Don’t Fall For The Boston Straight Pride Parade’s Scam

Hearing that a group calls themselves Super Happy Fun America, you’d expect something fun or playful.

But Super Happy Fun America, the group organizing Boston Straight Pride Parade, is 180 degrees away from that. It’s a collection of embittered hard right cranks using the words “Super,” Happy,” “Fun” and “America” to hide hateful intentions pulling a lazy and easily foiled con job that guileless media outlets are rushing to fall for.

A quick click through Super Happy Fun America’s website unmasks the real organization behind the event: Resist Marxism, a conservative activist group whose mission statement is “Defend(ing) the Constitution from violent extremists and the Regressive Left.” Its Facebook page, which has more than 12,000 likes, shared Super Happy Fun America’s post about being featured on Boston 25 News, which treated the Straight Pride Parade as a straight news story.

The association between the two groups isn’t secret. But that makes Super Happy Fun America’s trollish intentions all the more transparent.

Resist Marxism is exactly what it sounds like—an extreme right-wing organization. In 2018, its lead organizer Mark Sahady—Super Happy Fun America’s vice president—helped organize the Providence Freedom Rally which featured white nationalist organizations like American Guard. Resist Marxism boasts support for American nationalism and cultural traditions and “science”—i.e., science that says a fetus is a baby and transgender people don’t exist—while vehemently opposing things like political correctness, identity politics and “foreign legal systems” that are “incompatible with the United States”—i.e., Sharia Law. Their charter reads like a Dave Rubin fever dream injected with notes of fascism.

Promoting straight rights and “equality” is a transparent scam to hijack news during Pride Month, and it’s working. Sahady and Super Happy Fun America president/failed congressional candidate John Hugo are trolling their way into mainstream conversation. Nobody with a brainstem actually believes straight people are a marginalized minority in the United States. But that’s exactly the claim Hugo got to make in his interview with Boston 25 News.

It’s best to ignore obvious ploys like the Straight Pride Parade, or at the very least point out their clear intentions. Trolls will always receive attention as long as they’re absurd enough to get clicks. But if there’s an idea that’s both stupid and needlessly offensive, there’s a good chance it’s not being proposed in good faith.