Donald Trump, Wedding Crasher

Having your wedding at Mar-a-Lago is one thing. But having Donald Trump take the mic at your wedding reception and launch into a diatribe about how bad Joe Biden is? That’s the dream.

Trump crashed a wedding at his own resort over the weekend, and the results were perfect. Speaking at the reception, the former president predictably focused on himself, rambling about the border, China, Iran, how many votes he got in 2020 (75 million, folks!), and even asked attendees if they missed him yet.

Many decried Trump’s appearance as classless and pathetic, lamenting that he’d hijack a stranger’s wedding and spend time talking about himself. But aside from the fact that the couple booked their wedding at freaking Mar-a-Lago likely in the hopes he’d appear, it’s really the perfect role for Trump. He’s not doing much else with his time anyway, save for plotting to create his own social media platform network or putting out paltry statements about vaccines. He’s desperate for people to remember him, and this is the best way—moonlight as a part-time wedding speech maker and appearance guy. Even if he never runs for office again, he can bank on his image to make some quick and easy cash, and his supporters are already clamoring for it.

If Trump really wants to expand his reach, he’ll simply create his own version of Cameo. He can feature members of his family and political circle and take a vig off every video them make. And it would likely take a fraction of the effort required to be the face of an entire social media platform. Maybe this is already baked into Trump’s plans and the wedding speech was just a preview. Or maybe it was just the musings of a sad old peepaw in a tux who really misses being the guy people talked about all the time. Either way, the Trump content train continues rolling along, sadder and less visibly by the week.