Donald Trump: Icon of Fat Acceptance

It’s easy to poke fun at our president’s appearance. Yes, his wispy comb-over is absurd. And sure, his khaki pants are enormous—and it isn’t like he can’t afford a tailor. But one thing about him is truly beautiful: he’s a plus-sized man who’s proud of his curves.

Donald Trump is an inspiration to full-figured men across the globe. 2019 was already the year of the chub, with Fat Thor and newly-crowned extra-pudgy heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. leading the way into our flabby future. The ample-ness of his silhouette strikes hardest when Trump’s in formal gear. Tuxedo Trump beats them both as a colossus of class and style.

Looking at Trump in a tux during his visit to the United Kingdom, you make a cruel joke about looking like a cartoon penguin about to teeter over or a bloated Ask Jeeves cosplayer. But I see a man with blind confidence in himself and the robustness of his body. I see someone who’s not afraid to flaunt what he’s got, no matter how much it resembles a force-fed goose moments before becoming foie gras.

We’ve seen Trump crammed into a tuxedo before, mostly notably on New Year’s 2018, when his cummerbund held his gut back with dignity and the president carried himself with the swagger of a man with no idea how uncomfortable his wife looks whenever they’re together in public. But let’s not be glib—Donald knows how to keep it casual too, especially when he’s making obligatory church appearances.

Look at that slicked back hair. The frumpy polo, hiked-up waist and floor-dragging khakis. It didn’t matter that the pastor made it “Pray For Donald Trump Day” (or that he apologized for it after). Trump was showing up in his golf clothes ready to hit the links, cleats and all. A true fashion icon doesn’t worry about offering thoughts and prayers after yet another mass shooting. Comfort and functionality is all he has time for. And omelettes.

By not apologizing for his size, Donald Trump is the president America needs. He might be imprisoning children, threatening wars, packing courts with Christian zealots and empowering literal Nazis. But do you know what else he’s doing? Serving looks and showing he’s comfortable in his own grotesque pasty skin. And we can all celebrate that.