Dom Toretto Memes Are Strong ... But Not as Strong as Family

The Fast & Furious franchise is eminently meme-able. The movies are a bottomless cocktail of ridiculously fast cars, absurd plot twists, and epic CGI-enhanced action sequences. But there’s one thing that drives the Fast series more than anything else.


F9, the franchise’s latest installment, is no different than its predecessors. It stars Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto, a badass street racing ex-con who values family over everything. His family’s also grown quite a bit over the years from the original crew to include an ever-expanding slate of action stars. (Former wrestler John Cena is the latest, making his first appearance in F9 as Toretto’s brother.) The only thing more unwavering than Toretto’s love for and commitment to family is the frequency at which he reminds people of his love and commitment to family.

Sounds like the perfect meme format, no? Thankfully, the internet agreed. Dom Toretto family memes went so viral they actually had their own trending topic on Twitter. Instagram couldn’t produce them fast enough. Odds are once this is published, you’ll have seen them all. There might even be ones we haven’t seen yet. But that isn’t gonna stop us from wrangling up our favorites for your meme pleasure. No need to thank us. That’s just what family does.