Dolly Parton-Inspired Netflix Series ‘Heartstrings’ is a Cheesy Must-See

Dolly Parton is a megastar. She’s written chart-topping songs since she was 11, starred in films and even has her own Dollywood theme park. Now, the 73-year-old icon has her own Netflix series.

On Nov. 22 Heartstrings will be available for streaming on Netflix. Each of its eight episodes tell a story inspired by a Dolly Parton song. That’s right—there’s an episode about “Sugar Hill,” “Two Doors Down” and “Jolene.” For those curious about who’s playing “Jolene”’s titular auburn-haired heartbreaker with beauty beyond compare: at the personal request of Parton, Julianne Hough took the role.

In the trailer, Parton says her songs always tell a personal story from her heart and that her music is the sound of her “heartstrings.” The trailer shows clips from all eight episodes. Though they’re leaning slightly towards the cheesier side, it still seems like a must-see for any Dolly fan.

Fans might be upset, however, to not see an episode for “I Will Always Love You” or “9 to 5.” But with the queen herself starring or at least appearing in each episode, it’s hard to complain. (And anyway, Parton already starred in a whole movie about “9 to 5.”)

If Dolly Parton can’t tug at your heartstrings, then no one can.