Dolly Parton for President

Dolly Parton, the benevolent patron saint of country music, unofficial drag queen icon, and all-around celebrity sweetheart is getting called by her fans to take over our government … again.

Though her fame grew in a genre plagued with fans who can’t seem to understand that the Confederates lost, Parton’s humanitarian ideals shine as bright as Lady Liberty and don’t go unnoticed by her fans. She’s strongly outspoken about her support of Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQ+ community, works with many charities, and recently made a $1 million donation to coronavirus research.

In a recent interview with Billboard Parton expressed her unequivocal support for BLM and said, “of course Black lives matter. Do we think our little white asses are the only ones that matter? No!” Supporters of Parton and the BLM movement were so excited about her advocacy that one music venue in Nashville even added the quote to her new Dolly Parton mural on the side of her shop.

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When Billboard posted a video quote from the interview of Dolly expressing her support for BLM on Instagram, commenters went wild. One person posted saying she just lost half of her fanbase because of that. The comment was quickly flooded with opposing views, with one person clapping back by saying, “then they weren’t her fans, Dolly has always been inclusive of human beings.” And another replied with, “she made us proud.” In fact, most comments that expressed a negative reaction to Parton’s BLM support got shut down, showing that if she did run for president, she’d have quite the strong following and would no doubt win the popular vote.

Parton would never really run for president, though. First of all, she’s too smart for that, and secondly, the gig sounds like a total drag—her life-changing voice would totally go to waste. This isn’t the first time fans have asked her for her angelic touch in government. Many flocked to social media during the 2016 election to rally her into the position of power. However, Parton tweeted back that she thinks there are enough “boobs” in politics already.

Though it’s very unlikely we’ll ever see Dolly Parton on the ballot, it’s refreshing to see an iconic superstar expressing her support loud and clear for liberal and progressive agendas. Especially, coming from someone so popular in a genre that tends to be completely against them.