Dinosaurs, Penis Envy, Stock Photos and Ariana Grande, This Week at BTRtoday

This week, BTRtoday asked important questions, including: what is that lady doing with that pineapple? What’s going on with Ariana Grande? Why is the Alt-Right’s worried about penis size? Are the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park stand-ins for global warming?

What Are These Women Doing in These Stock Photos?

I explored a bizarre trend in free stock photo sites: women using everyday objects wrong. Just wrong.

Why Are White Nationalists So Worried About Penis Size?

Joe Virgillito talked with sociologist Alicia Walker, who was forced to shut down her study on the correlation between penis size and self esteem after the alt-right trashed her online. “The funniest thing is the people calling me a misandrist, claiming I hate men,” she says. “If I hate men, why would I waste my time running a study and talking to them about their feelings?”

What’s Going On With Ariana Grande’s ‘God Is A Woman?’

Elena Childers analyzed the music video for Ariana Grande’s chart-topping “God Is a Woman.” From screaming gophers to the Sistine Chapel with Grande as God, “the whole video feels like idea vomit.”

Neighbor Lady at The Glove

Our photographer caught indie group Neighbor Lady at an experimental venue that also features a hair salon and a psychedelic dungeon. We’re down.

The Accidental Anti-Capitalist Message of the ‘Jurassic Park’ Series

Is the Jurassic Park franchise an extended metaphor for the failings of capitalism? Do we sound like paranoid conspiracy theorists? Read the story to find out.

Blood in the Cut: 3 Reasons You Need a Negroni

If the world is getting you down right now, check out our food writer’s recipes for a delicious negroni cocktail, perfect for the stupid hot weather.