Did St. Vincent Just Secretly Drop a New Album?

UPDATED BELOW: The edgy pop dream queen St. Vincent dropped a new album on her Spotify earlier today entitled Dream Reality.

Or at least we think she did.

The singer hasn’t said a word about it. The music isn’t what we’ve come to expect from her. It’s heavily autotuned—there are definitely female voices on the album but it’s not certain if it’s Annie Clark’s voice. And since almost every song sounds like a collaboration, it isn’t certain. In social media posts, music fans say are confused if this is even an actual St. Vincent release—suggesting that perhaps the artist’s management messed up or Spotify has malfunctioned.

Dream Reality is heavily R&B/hip hop influenced, far more than her previous work. It sounds like nothing she has ever done. The songs have long rapping choruses and sampled beats. Though most of the tracks have unnamed artists rapping, the tracks “She’s So Fine” has “-Karina” next to it and “Switch Up” has “-Meer” by its side—but who are these artists?

In fact, it’s hard to determine if St. Vincent herself is even actually on any of it. It’s mostly male vocals on each track, with only a few songs including some female backing vocals.

The song titles allude to something mysterious as well, with names like “Welcome To Reality” and “This Dream Is A Trap!” There’s even a track called “Yeezy,” suggesting a potential collaboration with Kanye, even though the rapper on the track doesn’t sound like Kanye. “Yeezy” ends with the artist saying, “more stuff’s coming out, I hope you enjoy it, peace.” The track right after “Yeezy” is a heavily autotuned jam simply titled “St. Vincent.” What does it all mean?

Is this a glitch in the Matrix or is St. Vincent up to something? She’ll be playing NYC’s Panorama festival this month—could this be a marketing ploy?

Whatever it is, there is definitely a new album on St. Vincent’s Spotify that nobody knows anything about. Maybe it’s some artist who hacked the system and put his album on St. Vincent’s Spotify page. I reached out to her management for confirmation, but have yet to hear back. See for yourself below while you wait for the internet to try and unfold this pop music mystery.

Update: As of this morning, the album information was changed, with the artist now listed as St. Mirage. We have reached out to Spotify for more information but they have yet to respond to our multiple requests for comment.