Did Rudy Giuliani Fart on Fox News?

Rudy Giuliani is having a rough week. On Wednesday, federal authorities raided the former New York mayor’s home and law offices and seized electronic devices. It’s part of their ongoing investigation into Giuliani’s activities and interactions with certain Ukrainians while serving as President Trump’s lawyer. Giuliani, predictably, believes there was no justification for the raid, and went on Tucker Carlson’s show to defend himself. The interview went poorly, as most Giuliani television appearances do, but it seems the former mayor may have let something other than his version of the truth slip out.

As actress Patricia Arquette astutely points out, there’s a clear discharge of noise around the 35 second mark in the clip above. The noise is question comes before a noticeable pause, but Giuliani hardly seems to care or even notice. He barrels right through, continuing on about the FBI’s professionalism and that they wouldn’t take Hunter Biden’s hard drives from him.

But the question begs—was it really fart?

This is only a question because of Giuliani’s past gas. During an election challenge hearing in Michigan back in December, onlookers noted discernible fart noises while Giuliani spoke. Fellow attorney Jenna Ellis’ disgusted side-eye all but confirmed what everyone seemed to hear.

And of course there’s Giuliani’s infamous face-melting press conference from November. Not exactly a gaseous discharge, but perhaps the best example that Rudy’s bodily responses to pressure might be a bit … gross. If his face was indeed melting last November, it serves to believe there might still be gas leaking out.

That doesn’t bring us any closer to the truth, though. And we can’t use Tucker Carlson’s face for tells, either, since his eternal interview expression is “guy who just heard a really loud fart and is just now catching a whiff.” So how do we tell if Rudy really let one rip on live television?

For comparison, I submit this Wendy Williams clip from early 2020. While discussing NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. slapping a police officer on the butt, Williams appears to pass gas. But like Giuliani, Williams’ gaseous noise comes in between two statements. This led to a slew of speculation videos—did Williams fart, or was she simply expelling air from her mouth while trying to move to her next thought? Her instance seems a bit more clear cut than Giuliani’s—her noise sounds much more like a rip, whereas Rudy’s was more of a puff. It’s the kind of sound that’s much easier to pass off as some kind of exhale. But the similar circumstances should make viewers question what they heard last night. Sometimes the camera plays tricks on us—not just our eyes, but our ears.

Does that mean Giuliani didn’t fart? Certainly not. But the real truth will likely remain hidden for years. That doesn’t mean we don’t have other farts or dumb Rudy moments to laugh at. And it sure doesn’t mean Giuliani won’t hop on a Fox News show and rip off a no-doubter for us all to collectively laugh at. For now, though, we’re left to wonder—the moment is recorded forever, but as fleeting as a fart in the wind.