Did CNN Turn Bernie Sanders Pink?

Bernie Sanders’ has been known to say major media paint him in a different light than other presidential candidates. Yesterday he was proven right—literally.

CNN Washington correspondent Ryan Nobles tweeted a video of Sanders taken outside the senator’s Vermont home. During the clip, Sanders tells Nobles and other reporters he remains eager to campaign, but plans to scale back on traveling and campaign events following his recent heart procedure.

But several replies to the tweet quickly noticed something was off with the video, specifically Sanders’ skin tone.

Sanders appears inordinately pink-skinned in the video. Some replies commented that he looked “unwell” and should drop out of the race. But others pointed out the disparity between the video and Sanders’ actual skin color, placing screenshots next to images from the same press gaggle. Twitter user @Queerloant even “fixed” the video with the color appearing to match a photo used by the Associated Press.

Within a few hours, the skin distortion observation started to gain steam on Twitter and larger leftist accounts began picking it up.

Neither Nobles or CNN have confirmed or commented on the potential color distortion. But other news outlets’ videos from the same press event raises obvious suspicion. There are any number of reasons to make Sanders appear pink, from sparking questions about his health to feeding into the narrative that he’s always angry. Sanders supporters have frequently called out major media outlets for treating the Vermont senator unfairly. Nobles’ video now serves as the newest fuel for that perception.