Did a Fart Force Mike Francesa Into Retirement?

Throughout history, powerful men have taken themselves down with horrible behavior and truly heinous acts. But for New York sports radio legend Mike Francesa, it might’ve just been a fart

Funhouse (@BackAftaThis), a Twitter account dedicated to documenting Francesa’s every terrible take and bad beat, posted a video of the host’s morning monologue for his Mike’s On app. A follower pointed out that early on in the video, Francesa appears to pass gas as he rips into embattled New York Jets head coach Adam Gase.

Funhouse’s followers had a field day, and within hours the New York Daily News had a story about the conspicuous rip, much to Francesa’s chagrin. He vehemently denied passing gas on air in outright Trump-ian fashion, calling the reporters idiots and liars (Francesa is an avowed Trump supporter).


In the day since, news of Francesa’s fart has spread like wildfire, from Barstool to Fox Business. Sports fans, journalists and toilet companies got in on the joke. #FartGate was even trending briefly on New York Twitter. And then, mere hours after denying his on-air slippage, Francesa dropped another bomb.

The retirement is Francesa’s second in two years, following a return to WFAN that’s been less than stellar. His show slipped to second in ratings behind ESPN Radio rival Michael Kay (something he said would never happen), his Mike’s On subscription app failed and he’s become known as the biggest sports gambling mush in recent memory. The only real notability behind Francesa’s final run at WFAN was crated by Funhouse’s Twitter presence.

But given the timing of Francesa’s announcement, speculation quickly turned to the Fart Heard Round the Twittersphere.

There’s no obvious connection between Francesa’s fart and WFAN retirement besides timing. And Francesa later announced he’d continue broadcasting for Radio.com, which currently hosts what’s left of his Mike’s On app (not to mention a cameo in Adam Sandler’s forthcoming movie Uncut Gems). Luckily, Funhouse will continue featuring Francesa content wherever he takes his talents in the future. It’s a gassy end for one of the biggest windbags in the history of sports radio, who once again proved that his timing truly stinks.