DEHD Leads BTRtoday's Weekly Top 30

1. DEHD, Flower Of Devotion (Fire Talk)

DEHD, “Loner”

2. The Beths, Jump Rope Gazers (Carpark)
3. Liza Anne, Bad Vacation (Arts & Crafts)
4. Jonathan Bree, After The Curtains Close (Lil Chief)
5. Mariya May, Strictly A Cappella (Ten Dollar)
6. Jordana, Something To Say EP (Grand Jury)
7. Courtney Marie Andrews, Old Flowers (Fat Possum)
8. Black Bra, s/t (YK)
9. NYALLAH, Reflections EP (Self-Released)
10. Otta, Songbook EP (Bokkle/PIAS)
11. H. Kink, Men (Hello Magic)
12. Ganser, Just Look At That Sky (Felte)
13. Mr. Ben & The Bens, Life Drawing (Bella Union/PIAS)
14. Katie Dey, Mydata (Run For Cover)
15. Versari, Sous La Peau (T-Rec/Declared Goods)
16. Momma, Two Of Me (Danger Collective)
17. Pottery, Welcome To Bobby’s Motel (Partisan)
18. HOOPS, Halo (Fat Possum)
19. Yves Jarvis, Sundry Rock Song Stock (ANTI-)
20. Owen, The Avalanche (Polyvinyl)
21. Chance Wiesner, More Sauce For The Lady (Ten Dollar)
22. Lady Midnight, Death Before Mourning (Sound Vérité)
23. Dent May, “I Could Use A Miracle” Single (Carpark)
24. Woods, Strange To Explain (Woodsist)
25. Tough Age, Which Way Am I? (Mint)
26. Animal Scream, Nightwalk (American Hermitage)
27. Fontaines D.C., A Hero’s Death (Partisan)
28. Disheveled Cuss, s/t (Sargent House)
29. Becca Mancari, The Greatest Part (Captured Tracks)
30. Country Westerns, s/t (Fat Possum)