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Monday 9/9

14th Annual City Reliquary Collectors’ Night

The Ultimate Pre-Running Pilates Routine

Coco Verde’s Julian Anderson Talks Crushes & Going Crazy

Tuesday 9/10

2019’s Most Risqué Indie Music Videos

A Recap of All The Dicks in Righteous Gemstones

Don’t Let Google Docs Show Your Word Count

Wednesday 9/11

Kills Birds Keeps Grunge Alive

A Brief History of Presidential Campaign Songs

Thursday 9/12

Third Democratic Primary Debate Drinking Game

Get to Know America’s Most Popular Hot Sauces

Best Horror Movie Soundtracks

Friday 9/13

Get Lucky with the Premiere of Jeremy & The Clones’ “Late Bloomer”

The New York Times’ Incredibly Obscure Twitter Citation

People Can’t Let Go of The Newsroom