'Death to 2020' Is the Humor We All Need This Year

2020 is still fresh in our minds. It’s like the garlic you ate last night still lingering on your breath the next day, or a mystery bruise you’ve just discovered on your shin that you have no memory of getting. We have no idea how we managed to get through last year and we’ve all got a little PTSD from it.

With all the deaths and exposed hatred that came out of 2020, some might think it’s simply preposterous to make fun of the year. That to joke about all this tragedy and suffering is insensitive. But let’s be honest—we’re exhausted, both emotionally and physically. We desperately need to make light of the darkness and have some laughter.

Laughter isn’t a vaccine, but it is the best medicine.

‘Death to 2020’ trailer


Netflix’s Death to 2020 is the perfect mockumentary that pokes just enough fun at the year that was. Released days before 2020 actually expired, the 70 minute Netflix original lays out the shitstorm year through the eyes of professors, authors, and other 2020 experts. They’re not really experts, though—they’re played by some of our favorite actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant, Lisa Kudrow, Leslie Jones, and many more.

Watching Samuel L. Jackson rundown the political reality show we all had to endure in 2020 was so satisfying—if you were mad about that, then you’re probably sitting at home still thinking Trump has a chance to win the election. Hugh Grant acting as this “woke” professor who doesn’t realize his own racist viewpoints is so spot on, you’re going to want to share it with your “woke” family members who refused to listen to you all year. And oh my goodness, Lisa Kudrow portraying a conservative politician who denies everything, even immediately after doing what she was just accused for? It’s perfect. Let’s hope actual politicians see that so they might start understanding why we don’t take them seriously.

Viewers were stoked even before Death to 2020 came out on Dec. 27. One YouTube commenter Chi with A.C. posted on the trailer video “Diane Morgan & Lisa Kudrow in the same program is something I didn’t realize I needed.” Another commenter, Jacoby, wrote, “Made by the makers of Black Mirror AND starring Samuel L Jackson? Sign me up.”

Basically, Death to 2020 is a great way to start 2021 a little more hopeful. Yes, 2020 really beat the shit out of all of us, but hopefully, we’re entering 2021 a little stronger and with a little more laughter.