Crowd Surfing, Moth Memes and Dog Love This Week on BTRtoday

We’re all about doing things that make us feel good. We mosh and crowd surf at shows. We go on long runs with our dogs. We hit up immersive photo exhibits. When it comes to fun, we’re like a moth to a light. And if you liked that last sentence, we have a meme that’s right up your dark alley.

Want in on some of this goodness? Check out the best of this week on BTRtoday.

IDLES Empowered Brooklyn With Moshing & Crowd Surfing

Moshing like crazy and crowd surfing for a full 10 minutes to punk rock is exactly what the doctor prescribed.

Want a Healthy Heart? Get a Dog

Being an active pet owner might help keep your heart healthy.

The Moth Meme Prophecies

We love this meme almost as much as a moth loves…a lamp.

Remembering 3rd Bass, Trailblazers of White Hip-Hop

The oft-forgotten Def Jam trio deserve a spot in the pantheon of hip-hop greats.

Pics From Photoville 2018

We checked out the closing weekend of the immersive shipping container-housed art experience.