Crouching Corbyn, Hanging Parliament

Another year, another shocking election.

The Labour Party won big in the United Kingdom’s general election yesterday, picking up enough seats to hang parliament. The results rocked Conservatives, who expected an easy path to majority when Prime Minister Theresa May called for the snap election in April.

Jeremy Corbyn emerges as the hero on the left. His no-nonsense approach and progressive platform proved successful. He won’t be Prime Minister, but his triumph should empower progressives in the U.K. and beyond.

Not everyone thinks Corbyn is good for the U.K. or the world, of course. But at least one of those people isn’t sure what an insult is.

By all means, make the guy seem smarter. Let’s give this another shot:

As an American, that stings, most of all because Trump and Corbyn are miles apart. If you can squint past Corbyn as a progressive career politician and see a fraudulent, sexually assaulting businessman who conned his way into the most powerful office on Earth by stoking fear, racism and anger, please give me your dealer’s number.

The Labour Party’s performance also had leftists waxing about what could’ve been across the Atlantic.

“Thou shalt not say ‘Bernie would’ve won’” still tops the Democrats’ list of 2016 election failure commandments. But it’s hard to look at Thursday’s results and wonder what might have happened with a true progressive candidate running against Trump.

Yeah, there might be something to that. British elections are a different animal, but Corbyn did face media enmity similar to Trump’s, and overcame it through an enthusiastic voter base marginalized by recent election results. Wait a minute–maybe they’re more alike than we thought.

Either way, progressivism wins. It’s not leaning left yet, but the United Kingdom brought itself a little bit closer to center. In America, liberals should feel encouraged, and keep the pressure on Democratic Party leadership. Progressive politics can appeal to the masses, and even a small victory shows it.