Crenshaw's "Cultural Shift" Prediction is Laughable

The cancel culture wars have fully engulfed online political media. And Texas Rep./brain genius Dan Crenshaw already has an ominous prediction for the future.

Crenshaw’s tweet is a fairly benign bad take on the surface. He posted it in response to Major League Baseball’s decision to move its all-star game out of Atlanta because of Georgia’s obscenely restrictive new voting law. It’s a measured corporate response, the kind dictated by the market conservatives usually exalt. But for chuds like Crenshaw, it’s yet another item to add to the laundry list of cancellations in the liberalization of culture.

This sort of capitalist hypocrisy is central to the right’s cancel culture crusade. Nearly every cancellation battle can be traced back to a private entity or company censoring its own content. Crenshaw calls it a “cultural shift,” either blissfully unaware or purposely ignoring that the culture has already shifted. Companies make decisions like the one MLB made as a reaction to market pressure. Policing one’s own content is better for long term profitability because it falls in line with what the majority of people believe. Conservatives try chalking it up to some invisible omnipotent “wokeness” driven by social media crybabies. But extremely online liberals aren’t making these decisions for multi-billion dollar companies. It’s simply the free market at work.

So Crenshaw’s take is extremely dumb. That’s no surprise, given his penchant for bad takes and even worse campaign ads.  But the ugliest irony of its sheer stupidity lies in its origins. The new Georgia voting law is just the most prominent bill in the slew of Republican voter suppression legislation across the country. Voter suppression is, of course, a pretty clear-cut example of tangible cancellation. Bills like Georgia’s intentionally eliminate voices from the democratic process and disproportionately target people of color because they usually don’t vote Republican.

Republicans like Crenshaw don’t see it that way, of course. That’s not because voter suppression isn’t cancellation, though—it’s because it doesn’t fit their victim narrative. Instead, making it easier for people to vote is actually cancelling conservatives because it makes it more difficult for Republicans to win elections. It’s the same argument that drove Donald Trump’s unsuccessful election challenges. And it effectively boils down to: we didn’t get what we want, so we’re being canceled. That logic basically obliterates the concept of cancellation altogether. But misapplying logic and making bullshit arguments is the entire point. Crenshaw either knows that or is just stupid enough to play along.