Concerts, Criminals And Candy, This Week on BTRtoday

Suffering from a Halloween hangover? We get it. Halloween is the best holiday of the year, where people are encouraged to to rock out, be scary and pig out on candy. You either do Halloween right or not at  at all. That’s why we pulled out all the spooky stops this year. We cranked Tiny Tim, moshed in costume, bid a gangster good riddance and let everyone know which sweets are the best. Here’s the best of the week on BTRtoday.

13th Annual NY Night Train Haunted Hop

We checked out Jonathan Toubin’s Haunted Hop Halloween Spooktacular at the Knockdown Center in Queens!

The Definitive Halloween Candy Ranking: Part 2

The list is back and sure to cause a sugar overload.

Why Tiny Tim Should Be Your Go-To Halloween Music Choice

No Halloween mix or spooky sounds playlist can top the music of Tiny Tim.

Nudity, Moshing & Friends at Surfbort’s LP Release Show

The NYC punk group just released their debut album ‘Friendship Music’ and celebrated with friendship, music and chaos.

Research Offers New Clues For Fighting Fatigue

Little things may chip away at an athlete’s mental resolve. Luckily little things can also help strengthen it.

Rot in Hell, Bulger

Whitey Bulger’s death offers a rare opportunity to use my name in a headline.