#CivilWarSignUp Hashtag is So Bleak You Might as Well Laugh

President Trump isn’t handling impeachment very well, and neither are his supporters. His media stooges and acolytes have taken to Fox News’ airwaves for the last week attempting to decontextualize the whistleblower complaint and exonerate their dear leader. So it was no surprise when Pastor Robert Jeffress, a Fox contributor and staunch Trump ally, said impeachment would create a “Civil War-like fracture” that America would never heal from.

Until Trump quote-tweeted it.


Trump’s musing quickly made the rounds for good reason. Logic of the actual tweet aside—why should he be concerned about this if Democrats “will never” remove him?—tweeting about civil war starting upon Trump’s impeachment, literally or figuratively, is slightly concerning. But it’s also fairly predictable. And soon enough, people were treating it that way too—hashtags like #CivilWarSignUp and #CivilWarPotluck began trending on Twitter, making fun of anyone who would literally fight the libs in Trump’s sweaty honor.


It’s important to remember there are people taking Trump’s tweet thread very seriously, which puts the kibosh on any conservative telling people to calm down. It also sort of sours the jokes. But if your corrupt buffoon of a president is threatening to incite his base to arms, you might as well get a couple laughs out of it.