Chance The Rapper Loves His Wife And Twitter Can't Stop Laughing

Chance the Rapper loves his wife. He loves his wife so much that his new album, The Big Day, is all about his wedding and how much he loves his wife. Unfortunately the album isn’t very good.  Music critics and Twitter users alike have panned it. And perhaps the most biting (and accurate) review is this 27-second video that lampoons the album’s themes, Chance’s songwriting and flow while also being catchier than anything on the actual album.

Chance hasn’t handled the criticism well. He posted a bizarre series of tweets on Monday accusing fans of pressuring him to kill himself. He later tweeting that he isn’t suicidal. He even reaffirmed his enthusiastic wife love in a seemingly self-aware tweet at the end of the thread. But his odd Twitter behavior has only kept the jokes about his album coming because, well, Twitter loves wife guy content. So we compiled a few of the best jokes.

Wife guy Twitter is the gift that keeps on giving, and Chance the Rapper might be its best content provider yet. Hopefully he’ll learn to take the jokes in stride. If not, we hope he has someone at home who he can turn to for comfort and understanding but sadly can’t say definitely if there’s someone in his life who could possibly fulfill that role.