Cats and Rosé, Oh Yay

This week we settled into August. As our office freezes in the seasonal AC-pocalypse, Twitter had a meltdown about language while Nazis refused to just go away and never return. On the plus side, we asked an expert how to drink your summer ro the right way and saw a cat-themed burlesque party. There are pictures, boy howdy are there pictures.

Here are our top picks for the week. Stay cool, but not that cool. Do you hear me, building management?

Jo Weldon Presents: CATHOUSE [NSFW]

By Jeanette D. Moses

Jo Weldon threw a cat-themed burlesque party in Coney Island.

Twitter Wants to Keep Its Partners, Thank You

Via Pixabay

The word “partner” is thornier than you ever thought.

Everything About This Is Dumb

By Devon Bristol Shaw

Dumb, the punk band from Canada, chats with us about signing to Mint Records and releasing their debut album.

Hey, Look, Another Nazi Rally

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Certain alt-right groups decry white nationalists but don’t hesitate organizing with them.

Yaasss Defines Zaddy

By Rachel Cabitt

The NYC band of falafel rockers bring glitter, punk rock and chaos to every show they play—did we mention glitter?

Polaroids From Meltasia

By Elena Childers

Photos of a chaotic and lawless sex, drugs & rock ‘n’ roll adventure at the musical haven called Meltasia.

Expert Drinking: How to Choose a Rosé

Image from Unsplash, Justin Aikin

Summer is the season to #roséallday — here’s how to pick a great bottle.