Cat Collars And Competitive Picnicking This Week on BTRtoday

Sometimes, we struggle with the things we love. You can struggle with a steep incline during a run, or the fact that your favorite Game of Thrones character is certain to die. But you struggle because you love. You’ll face that hill because you love running and you’ll keep watching because you love the show. As a great poet once said, love is a battlefield. Here’s how we engaged with the fight this week on BTRtoday.


A Secret Frankie & The Witch Fingers at Secret Project Robot

The wild psych-rockers were billed as a “secret headliner” until just the day before.

Nevertheless, Elizabeth Warren Purr-sists

The Democratic candidate’s pet merchandise perfectly embodies her political persona.

Who’s Gonna Die in ‘Game of Thrones’?

The Season 8 trailer has us wondering which characters will survive the wars to come.

Competitive Winter Picnicking 2019

The Barely Legal Brunchin’ Biddies, The Cthululemon, Bernie Sandwiches and more trekked out to a wintry Prospect Park this weekend to vie for big picnicking prizes.

How to Get Up That Hill

Steep inclines can be intimidating and difficult but with the right approach they don’t have to slow you down.