Car Stretches & Cherry Glazerr This Week on BTRtoday

Let’s face it, nothing is truly shocking anymore. The news is just too absurd. From staged hate crimes to billionaires busted for solicitation, there’s no direction 2019 won’t take us.

That’s why it’s important to stick to the facts: Cherry Glazerr rocks hard. The president is racist. Stretching is important. And no Valentine’s Day is truly complete without a Blood Harvest. (Just trust us on that last one.)


Stuffed & Ready at the Cherry Glazerr Show

They brought chaos playing hits new and old, including riotous thrashers off the newest album ‘Stuffed & Ready.’


Journalists Are Still Shocked to Hear About Donald Trump’s Racism

Some media members have a hard time with a simple statement.


Don’t Let Long Car Trips Kill Your Fitness

A simple stretching routine can stave off injuries and cramps when you’re forced to sit for hours on end.


Hatebaby’s Valentines’ Blood Harvest

The Semi-Annual Hatebaby Valentines’ Blood Harvest took over Rubulad in Brooklyn.