Calling Out The Daily Caller, Part 2: Sexism

The Daily Caller promises “award-winning original reporting, in-depth investigations, entertainment, thought-provoking commentary and up-to-the-second breaking news.”

So of course their entertainment section is a collection of bikini shots and nip slips.

Conversations about sexual harassment and sexual assault dominated 2017. But The Daily Caller’s contributions to that conversation are a confusing mess. Women should cover up, except when we should strip down. Flagrant sexuality is bad, unless the male editorial board at The Daily Caller likes your rack.

They eagerly blame victims for sexual harassment. When Indiana House Member Don Boys’s asks “Does Immodest Dress Cause Sexual Attacks,” the answer is a loud and confident “yes.” He writes: “Immodest women have figuratively hung signs around their necks: ‘Handle roughly—for sale—cheap—use and toss away.’ While their immodesty does not cause sexual attacks, it surely contributes to them”

Once again, remember that the The Daily Caller’s entertainment page is a celebration of immodesty. Most of those women appear on the site courtesy of contributor David Hookstead. While he also covers sports, Hookstead’s main job appears to be posting pics of half-naked celebrities and judging them for their ability to give him an erection. He recently published an angry response to a video of plus size model Ashley Graham twerking, not because suggestive dancing is an immoral affront to god or the flag, but because Graham is too fat to be hot.

“Look,” he wrote, “I believe in freedom and women doing whatever they want. I’ve made this perfectly clear, but this trend of promoting plus size models has to end.” Lovely. He finishes by demanding “Give me the babes and keep everything else.”

Hookstead does his part to liberate women by publishing slideshow after slideshow of “wardrobe malfunctions” and bikini-clad Instagram models (don’t worry, they’re all thin), with nary a journalistic explanation.

“Attractive women in bikinis are also awesome. That’s simply a fact. They’re natural partners in this world,” writes Hookstead in a “story,” if you can call it that, about a celebrity’s bikini pics. “I might remain in a Montana State basketball jumpsuit while on the beach or on a boat, but women love showing off their bikini bodies. It’s the natural order of our society.”

I can’t decide what’s more obnoxious: his assumption that women want to get naked for him or his refusal to reciprocate the nudity. David, if you’re reading this, send me your bikini pics and I will happily enumerate every single one of your flaws in a public forum.

And, of course, he includes a link to “SLIDESHOW: 62 Times Emily Sears Stripped Down On Instagram.[His emphasis]”

In one of his recent pieces, ostensibly a generic “you go, gurl” story, Hookstead defends sexy blonde golfer Paige Spiranac from critics who argued she was too hot for her anti-bullying campaign. He also defends her choice to pose nude. Not a groundbreaking story but topical, fine. But after calling the “whole movement” of feminism “stupid” because of some shitty internet trolls, he includes this aside:

Plus this one, five lines into the story:

“Paige Spiranac is an outstanding communicator with a great message and she also surgically dissected Britt McHenry’s garbage,” writes Hookstead.

Oh no, that’s not how this works. Have some journalistic integrity and tell the truth. You think she’s an outstanding communicator because you think women talk with their boobs and hers are huge.

“Who cares what she looks like when it comes to her anti-bullying campaign.” Literally you do.

“The internet seriously needs to stop being so dumb.” Followed by several more photos of her and her big … brain.

Hookstead doesn’t just cover a woman’s right to be objectified by men like himself. In addition to his super groundbreaking feminist analyses, he also feeds Daily Caller readers with his sizzling hot political takes. The Daily Caller is a conservative outlet. They’re small government folks who generally oppose government spending, particularly regarding things like women’s healthcare. But when a southern Indian state offered free breast implants to poor women, Hookstead called it a “genius idea on behalf of the government.”

In a story on The Bachelor, which Hookstead quickly and emphatically denies watching (a little too emphatically, if you ask me), he questions the value of the show requiring participants to undergo STD tests. “You obviously don’t want a guy sleeping with a bunch of women and then throwing an infected woman into the mix. That’s just a lawsuit or disaster waiting to happen. However, it would probably add a lot of drama and intrigue to the show.” What? What?

Hookstead is one of those guys who lobs dirty $1 bills at strippers like he’s doing them a favor, marries the so-called nice girl because he doesn’t like sluts, then cheats on her with more strippers.

Hookstead really brings it in in his final graf:

“Look, I don’t watch this show right now, but I certainly would if there were some women who had been toughed[sic] up by prison time. That’d be great entertainment. Just some soft blonde woman against the hardened women from the prison yard. That’s how you get ratings. Somebody from ABC should really be giving me a call.”

Don’t get it? I’ll translate: He wants a hot white woman who scissored a hot black woman in prison. He doesn’t actually want to marry the black woman or see her win the reality show he definitely never ever watches. But he’d throw a buck or two at her if she was naked.