Calling Out The Daily Caller, Part 1

We need to address the vessel of shitty reporting, the life raft of tea party lawyers and fledgling Tomi Lahrens and Richard Spencers in need of a byline, that is The Daily Caller.

The Daily Caller isn’t journalism. It’s racist propaganda, top to bottom.

Its “thought-provoking commentary” is white rage designed to fuel their racist following. Heck, their editorial board features so many white nationalists and people with significant ties to such groups that the Southern Poverty Law Center declared the site has a “white nationalist problem.”

Deputy Editor Scott Greer spent his younger years cavorting with white nationalist groups like Youth for Western Civilization. (In addition to defending America’s white students from immigrants and liberals, YWC also defended them from scary lady bits in The Vagina Monologues.) Though the Facebook photos of him with the YWC have since been taken down, Greer still follows and retweets white supremacist celebs like Richard Spencer and alleged cult leader Stefan Molyneux on Twitter.

Greer’s writing betrays his racial politics. He’s not quite as inflammatory as Spencer or former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, but his slightly-more-palatable white supremacy is just as potent. He writes about the downfall of white people, especially white men, at the hands of immigrants and minorities in his book No Campus for White Men. Thinly veiled racism runs through all his writing, sometimes more blatantly than others.

White nationalist rhetoric isn’t a big deal for Greer. Racial aggression and gendered violence don’t happen in Greer’s world. It’s easy to just say woman are throwing a tantrum over nothing, like in his reaction to a Dear Prudie column written by a mother fearing her soon-to-be stepson was flirting with the alt-right.

It’s not just The Daily Caller’s editorial leadership that has issues with racism. Contributor Peter Brimelow founded white hate group VDARE, named after Virginia Dare, supposedly the first white child born in the U.S. In his editorial debut at The Daily Caller, he defended Iowa Rep. Steve King for tweeting “We can’t restore our civilization with someone else’s babies.” Brimelow says America is a white nation we should keep it that way. And he doesn’t, by the way, appreciate being called a racist for that assertion.

Reporter Chuck Ross was hired before he took down his racist and sexist ramblings on his personal blog. Editor in Chief Geoff Ingersoll told The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple that he was “unaware” of the blog posts but the site still publishes Ross’s work.

Those old posts include describing the “different natures” between races that explain the disproportionately higher rates of incarcerated black people. His argument: since slaves were “bred” for higher testosterone levels, they’re naturally more aggressive. “It’s nice to think that an individual will behave in accordance with the law, but its[sic] a pipe dream that a whole group will act against their nature to live by the letter of the law,” he wrote on his blog “Gucci Little Piggy.” Black people are in jail because it’s in their nature to be criminals.

Ross, of course, defended himself by telling The Post that he has black friends.

His other blog posts include 1,200 words on why women “don’t create jobs” and spoiler: it’s because by our nature, we’re bad at doing business, lazy and better at being mothers. He also referred to queer feminists as “queefs.”

To counter accusations of racism, The Daily Caller, like Chuck Ross and his black friends, employs black people to make the racist arguments for them. Contributor E.W. Jackson wonders “Should There Be A Black History Month?” He begrudgingly concludes there should be, because slavery, but that it should be balanced with a defense of the confederacy, otherwise “where does it end?”

The Daily Caller agonizes over that same question. Where does it end? When do the social justice warriors finally give up so we can return to the status quo: whites on top.