Build-A-Vibe is Build-A-Bear With Sex Toys

Toy building isn’t just for kids anymore. Classy San Francisco-based sex toy company Crave has taken all the fun of Build-A-Bear to create fun that’s strictly adults only.

Crave makes some of the best vibrators available. Now they’re hitting the road with a mobile DIY sex toy lab housed in a sleek 1961 Airstream trailer to let sex toy lovers make vibes themselves.

“We wanted to go mobile because we wanted to be accessible,” says Ti Chang, Co-Founder and VP of Design at Crave. “We wanted to get in front of people and show what modern design and engineering can do for a category of products such as sex toys.”

Perhaps women have needed to be able to make their own sex toys for a long time. In my brief stint working at a sex shop, I met countless women whose idea of a sex toy was limited to the rabbit vibe or the bulky, intimidating magic wand. Don’t get me wrong: they’re great. But they’re not for everybody.

First-timers in the shop were often nervous, filled with toxic misconceptions about their own sexual desires. I showed them everything from the classic bullet vibe to toys that buzz, rotate, stroke and penetrate. All most of these women needed was permission to look, to ask questions and permission to vocalize what they actually wanted. Or to find out what they wanted, because so many of us spend a frankly stupid amount of our lives refusing to investigate our own desires, or not knowing how.

After that experience, I believe Crave mobile labs are a great way to explore the possibilities of pleasure. Letting women across the country make their own is a brilliant way to get women investigating their own sexualities in a safe, fun environment.

“In our experience, whenever people see our products in person, the preconceived notion of traditional sex toys goes away, and they are surprised at the elegance and quality of our products,” says Chang. “This is a genre of products for women that has been stigmatized due to outdated social attitudes but culturally we are moving past that.”

It’s also a diverse environment. As the project’s the resident bearded white coder points out on their Indiegogo, “being a programmer, living in the Bay Area my options are pretty much limited to office work with mostly males my age with beards. And we all look the same. So it’s really exciting to be a part of a team where everybody’s different.”

Technical details on what the work-shoppers will craft are scant at the moment, but it’s sure to be elegant and body safe given Crave’s track record. Crave’s signature model, the sleek Vesper, doubles as a necklace (and happens to be Chang’s favorite) while their double-pronged Duet is designed to hit every woman’s sweet spots.

The lab costs $99. If you’ve got extra cash and friends, throw down $5,000 for a private DIY vibe workshop. For $10,000, they’ll come to your wedding and lead up to 40 in a bridal vibe making sesesion.

Seems like a better way to overspend on a wedding than a dress from Kleinfelds.