BTRtoday's Year on Twitter

Twitter is a bad place. The social media platform is so lousy with racists, a dog started barking at them. It’s a hub for lies and disinformation whenever tragedy strikes. And it’s full of sexual frustration.

Still, despite all its obvious faults, when journalists want strange and fascinating content to cover, Twitter is the gift that keeps on giving. And that’s all that matters in this day and age, right? Here are BTRtoday’s biggest Twitter stories of 2018.

Meet The Dog Who Barks at Twitter’s Racists

@RacismDog is woofing its way through the platform’s obvious and not-so-obvious racism.

Twitter Tweets Its Sexual Frustration

Twitter is a horny, frustrated mess right now.

Exposing Twitter’s Tragedy Trolls

When tragedy strikes, the ugliness of the internet lays itself bare.

Twitter Wants to Keep Its Partners, Thank You

The word “partner” is thornier than you ever thought.

Washed Conservative Actors Are Bad at Twitter

Roseanne set the bar, but she’s not the only conservative star who’s faced criticism.