BTRtoday's Year on Twitter

There’s no escaping Twitter. It’s the social media platform where news spreads, memes blow up and jokes don’t stop. Media companies, journalists and artists thrive off it. So it makes sense we wrote a bunch of Twitter stories this year. Here are the best of the bunch.

Elizabeth Warren’s “Breakfast Club” Clip Exposes The Worst of Political Journalism

It’s only okay to complain about political discourse if you acknowledge your role in setting it.


O.J. Simpson Taps Into Our Melting Twitter Brains

All people really want is content, and O.J. knows it.


Stop Using Office Reaction GIFs on Twitter

The classic sitcom is leaving Netflix in 2021. It’s time for the show to leave Twitter, too.


The Dayton Shooter’s Twitter Feed Isn’t a Leftist Murderer’s Manifesto

Right wing media painted the Dayton shooter as a leftist mass murderer because of accounts he retweeted and followed on Twitter.


The New York Times‘ Incredibly Obscure Twitter Citation

If you’re proving a trend by citing accounts no one reads, it’s not a trend.


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