BTRtoday's Year in Video Premieres

This year, BTRtoday was proud to premiere music videos from a wide variety of artists. We collected them below to put them all in one place and to create a killer end of year playlist. You’re welcome!

Premiering Shadow Year’s “Joel Tudor” Music Video

Bop along to NYC indie rockers’ newest song and fun video.


Premiering Megafauna’s Video For “Is There Anything Else”

The psych-garage rockers ask whether it’s possible to create something new in this world.


Premiering Ryne Ziemba’s Cryptic Video for “Message”

The song combines his love for art and philosophy with his conflicting feelings for social media.


Video Premiere: Beau Jennings, “The Other Side”

The former Cheyenne frontman bridges divides in his new song and video and BTRtoday is proud to let it loose on the world.


Premiering the Video for Lasso Spell’s “Be What You Want”

Lasso Spells is a rockstar on the run in the suspenseful music video.


BTR Exclusive: Premiering The March Divide’s “All I Want to do is Laugh” Video.

Jared Putnam can’t stop, won’t stop, in his personal anthem to all the haters who want to slow him down.


Premiering Dustin Lovelis’ Music Video for “Anecdote”

Nothing like a little garage-y psych rock to play along to a twist ending.


Exclusive Video Premiere: “My Place” by The Rad Trads

The Brooklyn quintet shot a secret music video at a Brooklyn Ikea. Now the secret’s out.


Video Premiere: “Front of the Train” by BIG SPIRIT

Photo courtesy of Big Spirit

The New York band captures the quintessential NYC experience of speeding through the subway in search of freedom and thrills.


Premiering Tongues of Fire’s Music Video for “Sunburn”

The perfect song and video combo for any punk filled with angst.


Exclusive Video Premiere: “Possibilities” by Zoe Boekbinder

BTRtoday is proud to debut Boekbinder’s powerful and haunting new video.