BTRtoday's Year In Tour Diaries

Sure, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll happen when bands are on the road. But being on tour also lets you really know a band.

Traveling with a band lets you know who they truly are. You swap secrets to stay awake during late night drives and grow strangely protective of each other when you’re accosted by side-of-the-highway weirdos.

Plus, the inside jokes created on the tour will last a lifetime.

These were my sleepless, chaotic and beautiful nights that I shared with bands that now have a special place in my heart. From the midwest, deep south and even just riding between NY boroughs, these were wild rides.

On Tour with Champagne Superchillin’ & BOYTOY

Six days of shows, partying and driving throughout the Midwest with a couple of NYC’s best underground musicians.


Baby’s First SXSW

We played our favorite game at SXSW this year: Seeing how much rock ‘n’ roll our music reporter can take before she explodes. (And if you like this, get the drunker side of the story by checking out Texts From SXSW, see more photos with Photos From A Disposable: SXSW 2018 and listen to the bands on New Vibrations SXSW Edition.)


Coney Island Baby & Silent Barn with Gnarcissists

Riding with punk rockers Gnarcissists between two boroughs and two shows was a blissful punch to the head & a wild time.


28 Hours On The Road With Thick

I was kidnapped by party rockers Thick for an ambitious weekend road trip from NYC to Nashville—surprisingly, I survived.


An Intimate, Trippy Meltasia

A music festival catered to the coolest of the cool—not only rock out to your favorite bands, but also party with them later. (If you like this, check out Polaroids From Meltasia.)


Two Music Cities & A Punk Rock Native Sun

From Pittsburgh to D.C., these gritty NYC rockers took me on a wild ride full of chaos and punk rock. (If you liked this, check out Photos From The Road With Native Sun.)