BTRtoday's Year In Tour Diaries

Seriously, I have no idea how I survived.

These musicians will be on the road for months at a time. There’s lots of partying, drugs, breaking the law, romances and everything else that comes with rock ‘n’ roll. I join them for a week or two, maybe even less, and I come home in a million pieces. How do they do it? I have no idea, but I get a little taste of the wild times that happen on the road and here, I share them with you.

Whether I was headed to another continent, state or borough, the bands I accompanied made sure to show me an unforgettable time. Check out below all the chaos we stirred up around the world this year.

Death by SXSW

It was an extra chaotic SXSW this year—I really don’t know how I survived. If you liked this, check out Polaroids from SXSW 2019Texts from SXSW Day 1, Day 2 and Days 3 & 4.

The Nude Party Brought NYC to London

I met up with the rockin’ mountain boys/turned city boys across the pond for a grand ‘ole time. If you like this check out Going Ape at London’s All Points East Festival.

Beach Jam 3 Was The Ultimate Summer Boogie Getdown

Dancing, partying and a little bit of acid on a beach really got everyone rocking at Rockaway Beach.

Max Pain & The Groovies Take On The Big D


NYC-based psych band/ king partiers kidnapped me for a weekend of debauchery in Delaware.
If you like this, check out The Blurry Destruction of Touring with Max Pain & The Groovies.

Losing it at Meltasia Music Festival

Cellphones and minds were lost the first night and oh, what a magical time it was.

Max Pain & The Groovies Took Me to Utah & All I Got Was This Fried Brain

When you’re with these partiers, even Salt Lake City turns into the wildest place on earth. If you like this, check out the other photos taken along that wild ride here.