BTRtoday's Year in Classic Rock

Sure, we all like cool new music. But when you’re three Miller High Lifes deep,  you’re gonna reach for the classic rock. This year, BTRtoday touched on nearly all the giants of dad rock from AC/DC to Led Zeppelin and beyond. Scroll down for our greatest hits.

Yes, Sadly, Jimmy Page Wrote Stairway to Heaven

The “Stairway to Heaven” plagiarism case is alive again, but shouldn’t be.

The Sneaky Genius of Ric Ocasek

With The Cars, Ocasek breathed life into what would otherwise have been cold perfection


AC/DC’s Best ‘Rock’ Songs

Photo by Flickr user Ed Vill

The Australian legends love to use the word ‘rock’ in their song titles but which of those songs actually rock? Find out!

Steve Stevens: Worst Guitar Player of the ’80s

Photo by Ross Cowan

All he had to do was bang out some power chords. Evidently he was too good for that

Why is Aziz Wearing a “Ride The Lightning” Shirt in His New Special?

The wardrobe choice is intentional but its meaning is murky

“I Always Hear Myself Annoying You” How Peter Jackson Will Screw up “Let it Be”

image by Vector Open Stock

The ‘Lord of the Rings’ director seems ready to leave The Beatles’ fights on the cutting room floor.