BTRtoday's Year in Bernie Sanders Stories

Christmas Eve is often a time to reflect on the year and what you’re grateful for. That practice doesn’t usually have anything to do with politics, but we’re grateful for Bernie Sanders nonetheless.

Few politicians made a bigger impact in 2020, especially without actually winning an election. He stood as the Democratic frontrunner for a while before running behind Biden and dropping out to endorse the President-elect. Sanders received his fair share of hate along the way (a good deal of it bad faith), but his progressive policy ideas, fundraising model, and working-class coalition is something that should impact capital-D Democratic politics for years to come. (We’ll see if it actually happens, but we’re still hopeful. Kinda.)

We wrote and talked about Bernie a bunch this year. Here’s a quick rundown of some of our favorite stories.

Forget The Times. Joe Rogan’s Endorsement Means More.

In an age of new media, the powerful podcaster far outweighs the paper’s influence. Reaction to his tacit endorsement of Sanders spoke volumes.

I am Once Again Asking You to Look at Bernie Memes

Sanders’ repetitive fundraising ads wound up turning him into a meme…again.

Only Bernie Is Getting Endorsed By Cool Musicians: A Playlist

So many bands came through for Bernie Sanders. It was a beautiful thing for Democracy—and your ears.

Bernie Changed American Politics Forever

As he exited the Democratic primary, it was clear that Sanders’ political impact will be felt for generations.

The Bernie Blame Game Has Begun

As ‘Bernie or Bust’ supporters voiced their discontent, pundits quickly began blaming the left for Joe Biden’s potential loss to Donald Trump.

Bernie Wants Biden to Do Better

Early in the general election season, Biden’s efforts to attract ardent Sanders supporters weren’t working well.

#ListenToBernie Campaign Misses the Mark

A pro-Biden Super PAC urged progressives to listen to Bernie Sanders. Maybe it should’ve taken its own advice.