BTRtoday's Year in Alcohol

Alcohol was on our mind a lot in 2018. And who can blame us? It was a year of loss and lunacy. If you didn’t want a drink, you weren’t paying attention.

Over the course of this turbulent year, we turned to a variety of brews, grapes and spirits for comfort and consulted a variety of experts about wine, mixology and beer. We celebrated the return of hard cider to America and renewed our affection for beer. With 2018 coming to a close, one thing is clear: we’re in desperate need of at least one last nightcap before we turn in for the year.

Stirred, Not Shaken: 3 Recipes for the Perfect Martini

Three martini recipes for when you have to get totally plastered in the most elegant way possible.


The Saxophonist Who Started a Brewery

Fifth Hammer Brewing Company’s Chris Cuzme finds that music and brewing pair like a charm.


The Orchard-to-Glass Story Behind The Cider House

The Basque-inspired Brooklyn Cider House hopes to reignite America’s lost love affair with hard cider.


Expert Drinking: How to Choose a Rosé

Summer is the season to #roséallday – here’s how to pick a great bottle.


Red Wine 101: Getting to Know Pinot Noir

Why does everyone love pinot noir? It’s really no mystery but here are three clues anyhow.


The Juicy History Behind IPA Beer

The not-so-bitter truth behind beer snobs’ favorite brew.


Blood in the Cut: 3 Reasons You Need a Negroni

When life gets bitter, shake up one of these classic—and classy—apéritifs.


Make An Instagram-Perfect Cocktail