BTRtoday’s Top Tech Stories of 2017

It was a weird year in tech. Silicon Valley tried to reinvent the hat. Sex toys were vulnerable to hacking. Apps tried to save the world and social media was treated like a drug even though it probably isn’t.

Here is a brief look back at BTRtoday’s top tech stories of the year.

How Secure is Your Sex Toy?

Photo courtesy of Moderska, via Wikimedia Commons

Sex tech has come a long way from the first vibrator in the 19th century. Today’s vibes come with smartphone apps, Bluetooth technology and even cameras. But they use surprisingly poor security technology that leaves users open to exploitation.

Can Greenie Make Environmentalism Fun?

courtesy Greenie

What if saving the planet was less of a chore and more like a video game? While it takes teaching urgent truths about global warming seriously, Greenie app puts people’s competitive impulses to use saving the planet.

Hacking the Brain

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Biotechnology and brain-computer interfaces have become increasingly sophisticated. That new tech enables amazing medical breakthroughs. But unfortunately, it also opens up new and alarming possibilities for hackers.

How Addictive Is Social Media, Really?

Photo courtesy of lechenie-narkomanii, via Pixabay

Silicon Valley developers are increasingly trying to make their technology as habit-forming as possible. Their intentions are surely bad, but they don’t understand human nature well enough to really pull it off.

Do Speakerhats Signal the Death of Wearable Tech or its Resurgence?

Courtesy of Atari Media Kit

It’s an Atari baseball cap with two embedded speakers and a microphone that connects via Bluetooth to your phone. Speakerhat is that perfect marriage of sloppy nostalgia branding and ear splitting annoyance.

In App Form, At Least, Trump’s a Great President

Image Courtesy DJ Trump app

His Oval Office actions might be reckless and chaotic, but he’s inspired elegance and simplicity in coders.