BTRtoday's Top Sports Stories of 2019

BTRtoday isn’t ESPN but we occasionally wade into the world of sports to tackle the biggest issues in athletics today. Actually, that’s a lie—we’re mostly just clowning fans, critiquing lists and honoring fallen legends. Here are our top sports stories of 2019.

It’s Important to Make Fun of Boston Sports Fans

Clowning Boston’s success will bring us all together.

O.J. Simpson Taps Into Our Melting Twitter Brains

All people really want is content, and O.J. knows it.

Jared Lorenzen’s Lasting Impact

The former quarterback was a legend on the field and an inspiration off of it.

Skip Bayless, Communist Sports Pundit?

The worst sports pundit ever has seized the means of hot take production.

The NBA’s All-Decade Teams Are Brutal

The league wanted to make more content, but forgot its own recent history.

Ranking the XFL’s Mediocre Logos

We don’t need another football league, but we’re getting one anyway.