BTRtoday's Top Sports Stories of 2018

In 2018, the world of sports featured dominant teams, incredible underdogs and a whole lot of politics. The president Twitter-battled all kinds of athletes. Small schools upset big ones. A world champion was crowned in soccer. And mostly, the good guys won. Except the Philadelphia Eagles. But as it turns out, they’re kinda cool too.

Nike Can’t Lose With Kaepernick Ads

The apparel giant turned dumb media narratives into a politically profitable ad campaign.


Taking Knicks Fans to Film School

The New York Knicks are so bad, you can almost forgive fans for not watching. Jeff Bellone, on the other hand, watches every game like it’s his job—even though it isn’t.


Progressive Rooting Index for the 2018 World Cup

These soccer underdogs may not win on the field but their politics should win over your hearts.


March Madness Without a Bracket

For the first time, I don’t have a rooting interest in the most exciting sports betting event of the year. I’m feeling surprisingly OK.


Are The Mets Having Their Worst Season Ever?

Bad teams aren’t usually entertaining, but the 2018 Amazins are impossible to look away from.


The Eagles Are The Best, and It’s The Worst

Only Donald Trump could turn a Philly-hating sports fan into an Eagles sympathizer.