BTRtoday’s Summer Anthem Albums

The good times are about to roll and it’s not just because of the nice weather—the air is about to be filled with all kinds of rad new music.

Don’t just let yourself sizzle away in the hot summer sun. Go to a dance party on the beach, hit up a concert on the boardwalk, throw down some beers on the porch to a perfect playlist or go record shopping. Summer isn’t just about 70-degree weather; it’s also about the amazing new music that gets released.

Some bands have already released new tunes so you can get a head start on your summer playlist, like La Luz, Parquet Courts and Thick. But then you also have other bands releasing stuff later in the heat of the season like The Nude Party, BODEGA and Champagne Superchillin’—could you ask for anything more?

It already looks like this is going to be the best summer for music ever. Are you ready?

Middle Kids Lost Friends 5/4

This Australian/New Zealand indie band is making some serious waves with this debut LP—get on board and ride the wave.

Middle Kids, “On My Knees”


Las Rosas Shadow By Your Side 5/11

Already one of BTRtoday’s favorite albums of the summer, it’s perfect for a hot and humid night to yourself.

Las Rosas, “Christa”


La Luz Floating Features 5/11

You know that feeling of biting into a fresh mango on a hot day? That’s how this album will make you feel.

La Luz, “Mean Dream”


Parquet Courts Wide Awake 5/18

Let this album be your soundtrack to every backyard day party you go to this summer—I promise you won’t regret it.

Parquet Courts, “Wide Awake”


Retail Done 5/19

This gritty punk band is the sweat oozing from your pores this summer.


Thick Would You Rather? EP 5/24

The baddest bitches in pop-punk are at it again. Fan your friends with your hair by head-banging to this riotous EP.

Thick, “Girlie”


BODEGA Endless Scroll 6/1

Summer is a time to let your freak flag fly, so let BODEGA get you started with their experimental art school punk ways.

BODEGA, “Jack In Titanic”


Beach Skulls Las Dunas 6/1

If you don’t fall for your summer fling to this hot and hazy song, then your heart must be made of ice.


Protomayter Consolation EP 6/15

A punk rock EP that’s sure to boil your blood even more than the heat of the sun beating down on you.

Protomartyr, “Wheel of Fortune”


Deaf Poets Change & Bloom 6/15

This is the kind of rock ‘n’ roll that plays in your head while you’re running from the cops for doing drugs in the park or something.

Deaf Poets, “Change & Bloom”

Dumb Seeing Green 6/22

Meet your new favorite sarcastic band to have some rock ‘n’ roll inside jokes with this summer.

Dumb, “Barnyard”


The Nude Party s/t 7/6

The highly anticipated debut LP that I’m most excited for—these tunes make you want to run away and just play music all day.

The Nude Party, “Chevrolet Van”


Champagne Superchillin’ Beach Deep 7/20

The sultry and experimental band sets a steamy David Lynch inspired scene of love with this upcoming album.

Champagne Superchillin’ ,”Amor Fati”


Navy Gangs Poach 8/4

The sweet melodies going on in this album will have you sighing between each warm breeze that brushes by you.

Navy Gangs, “Housekeeping”


Polish Club Alright Already (US Release) 8/10

You know these guys have to be good if they premiered a video with us already—nothing is cooler than this album, not even your AC.

Polish Club, “Able”