BTRtoday's Most Popular Stories of 2018

Looking back at the most popular stories this year, we wondered what makes BTRtoday readers tick. You guys were excited when an iconic performing artist like St. Vincent seemed to have dropped a surprise album even though the album didn’t really drop. You were curious about the political history of cultural giants like Johnny Cash and interested curious in polarizing female comedians.

And you want to see penises. Lots and lots of penises. That’s cool. We’re not judging anybody.

Check out the most-read BTRtoday stories from 2018 below and create your own group psychological profile.

The Best of Streaming Penises

An exhaustive guide to full frontal male nudity available on streaming services

‘Dad’s Google History’ And Why Trolls Hate it

Too many men on the internet can’t be trusted to judge female comedians.

Did St. Vincent Just Secretly Drop a New Album?

Owen Shroyer Is In Trouble Again

The Infowars anchor’s conspiracy peddling landed him in a lawsuit with his boss.

The Daily Lives of Poly People

An art exhibit explores new ground in non traditional relationships, from sex to sandwiches.

This Penis Survey Says A Lot (possibly NSFW)

A new penis size survey yielded some surprisingly insightful discussion on the subreddit r/DataIsBeautiful.

Karmin Went Ratchet And it’s Really Weird

The former internet sensation has rebranded with a new Rachel Dolezal-like persona.

The Politics of Johnny Cash

The Man in Black was too complex a thinker and too careful about his fans to be pinned down to an ideology.

Me, An Intellectual: Fleetwood Mac

Only meme culture has the power to catapult the Mac back onto the charts and into the spotlight.

10 Contemporary NSFW Indie Music Videos