BTRtoday’s Most Anticipated Albums for 2018

It’s going to be a good year.

In general, I think we can all admit that last year may not have been the best year. 2017 brought a lot of awful things that hurt to even talk about. However, with what’s coming out this year, it seems things might be looking up for 2018. Nothing can stop great bands from doing what they do best, not even an absurd government.

This year we’re getting tons of new music that everyone should be dying with anticipation for. Some favorite bands like Shannon and The Clams, The Breeders and The Mystery Lights are on the list.

We chatted with a few bands to see who is planning what, and many didn’t know exact release dates or album titles—but it’s still only January, so that’s expected. However, they all promised some sick new music.

So check out the list below and get excited.

Dream Wife, s/t – 1/26
This badass pop punk trio is sure to put out a badass album.

JC & The Voidz, The Voidz – Jan.
Julian Casablancas has been initiated into The Voidz and we can expect big things.

Wet Leather EP – 2/2
Don’t Google the phrase“wet leather,” because you’ll get weird fetish porn. Add “band” and you’ll be introduced to a pop/indie band of wonders.

Shannon and the Clams, Onion – 2/16
This is a band that you’ll easily become obsessed with, if you’re not already.

Insecure Men, s/t – 2/23
The two singles “Subaru Nights” and “Teenage Toy” already prove it’s going to be an amazing album.

The Breeders, All Nerve – 3/2
Their first album in ten years—who wouldn’t be excited?

David Byrne, American Utopia – 3/9
The former Talking Head would never lead us down a road to nowhere. His upcoming album is said to be collaborative and experimental.


Yazan, Hahaha – 4/1
His voice is deep, bluesy and soothing and he’s not afraid to shred.

Savants, New Junk City 4/1
An NYC band that plays dark indie rock.

White Lighters, Peel Slowly and See EP 4/1
Chill rock ‘n’ roll that’ll light a fire under you.

Sun Voyager, Seismic Vibes – 4/20
The debut album from this psych rock NYC band.

Las Rosas – Spring
These guys are always fun with their beachy rock vibes. They’ve never missed when it comes to making great music.

The Rizzo’s/Top Nachos Split 7 – Spring
Two awesome indie rock bands in NYC are combining their powers and it might break the Internet.

The Clock Reads, Inner Peaks – April
A jam band that seems like they’re having a good time, not just showing off.

The Duke of Surl – late spring/early summer
Catchy rock with experimental vocals that are fun to listen to at any moment in time.

Dan Getkin & The Twelve Six, Feeling Good About The End Times – summer
Contemporary country music that doesn’t suck; they call it americana.

The Mystery Lights – September
Nobody rocks harder than these guys. They were the first on Daptones subsidiary label Wick, so you know they’re not stopping anytime soon.

Release dates TBD:

The Nude Party
The most fun and talented group of guys you’ll ever meet. I expect (and hope for) lots of steel pedal guitar in this album.

Intense and dramatic music with flowery vocals.

Gritty garage rock that’ll get you hollering along.

Jonny Couch
The sweetest guy in power pop can get any party started.

Navy Gangs
An pop indie rock group that’s garage at heart.

Freddie Nunez, Left Hand Path
A rocker that’s not afraid to get in touch with his inner country music side.

The Muckers
On their debut album the New York trio brings psych, heavy rock and funk together.

With vocals similar to Screaming Females, these guys get really hardcore.

The Night Screams, Stuck
Gritty rock ‘n’ roll with a hint of darkness.

Glass Slipper
These guys are fast paced and distorted; expect a slap in the face along with this album.

MGMT, Little Dark Age
The pioneering indie group’s first album since 2013. The title track released last year is a teaser that’s kept everyone at the edge of their seats for more.


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