BTRtoday's Best Sex and Gender Stories of 2018

People like seeing nudity and gender issues are complicated: those two eternally true facts drove a lot of BTRtoday’s content in 2018.  We don’t traffic in the X-rated content, but we did create a killer guide to finding male nudity on streaming services. We also brought readers inside a polyamorous art project and wondered why internet Nazis were adopting a bunker mentality about a penis size study.

Here are BTRtoday’s best sex and gender stories of 2018.

The Best of Streaming Penises

An exhaustive guide to full frontal male nudity available on streaming services.

‘Dad’s Google History’ And Why Trolls Hate it

Too many men on the internet can’t be trusted to judge female comedians.

The Daily Lives of Poly People

An art exhibit explores new ground in non traditional relationships, from sex to sandwiches.

This Penis Survey Says A Lot (Possibly NSFW)

A new penis size survey yielded some surprisingly insightful discussion on the subreddit r/DataIsBeautiful.

Why Are White Nationalists So Worried About Penis Size?

A researcher studying size and self-esteem was attacked by the internet’s most insecure trolls.