BTRtoday's 2020 Year in Twitter

A lot of things changed in 2020, but Twitter wasn’t one of them.

Sure, the social media platform added fact checking information to roughly every single Donald Trump tweet and flagged endless election conspiracies, but even that stuff felt par for the course. Still, Twitter is the lifeblood of political discussion and content, and you needn’t look any further than our site for proof.

We’ve done stories featuring completely idiotic, simply hilarious, actual intelligent, and/or righteous tweets—you name it. From inane Trumpism to confusing cake videos, our 2020 ran the Twitter gamut.

Here are some of our favorite stories from this year.

Fact-Checking Trump’s Twitter Doesn’t Matter

The president’s crap will continue cutting through any attempt to stifle it.

Twitter Users Point to Billionaires as True Looters

While community “looters” were vilified, corporate and billionaire looters continued pillaging without consequence.

When You’re Tucker Carlson and Elmo Blows Your Mind

The Fox News host had some trouble with people openly confronting racism this year—including the beloved Sesame Street character.

Did Fireworks Conspiracies Fizzle Out?

Twitter posed a lot of questions about late night fireworks displays during the summer of 2020.

Parler is Conservatives’ New Social Media Haven

Parler has since sizzled out, answering the age old question: without libs to troll, can right wingers truly be happy online? No.

Everything is Cake Now

A viral cake-cutting video provided social media some sorely needed jokes and a little confectionary confusion.

Megyn Kelly’s Twitter Meltdown

The former Fox News anchor didn’t take Donald Trump’s loss very well.

Social Media Suckers Us Again

Twitter has turned into Instagram, and Instagram has turned into…we don’t know.