BTRtoday's 2020 Year in Sports

We missed sports this year—well, for at least part of it.

Once COVID-19 hit and quarantine began, society lost one of its biggest outlets. Sports eventually returned, but with a new perspective about what they meant in a pandemic-ridden world. Part of that is the appreciation of watching human greatness. Part of it is continuing your practice at home. And part of it, inevitably, is memes.

Here are some of our favorite sports stories of the year, from Super Bowl betting to at-home yoga to Michael Jordan’s renewed relevance.

Surveying Silly Super Bowl Props

The weirdest bets (last) year’s big game has to offer. They’ll probably be around for the next Super Bowl, too.

Practicing Yoga at Home During Quarantine

Here are some of the best online fitness communities & resources for a simpler at-home workout.

Miss Sports? Don’t Worry, Here’s Some to Watch

Not having sports during the early days of quarantine sucked, but that doesn’t mean there was nothing to cheer for.

Michael Jordan is Officially the Meme GOAT

The Last Dance made for some incredible memes. Here are some of the best.

Sports Are a Product of a Functioning Society

This is a take from the summertime that partially holds up…although you tell us if America has gotten its act together since.