BTRtoday's 2020 Year in Food

Food brings people together, especially around this time of year. No matter your differences with someone, everyone can appreciate a delicious dish or a hearty home-cooked meal.

That doesn’t mean food can’t take on other meanings, though. What we eat is part of who we are. Food is inherently social, political, cultural, and experimental—it’s an extension of our very existence. Now, with our existences relegated indoors and away from crowds for the majority of 2020, food became more essential than ever.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of our favorite food stories from this year, ranging from cooking how-tos to milkshake copaganda.

How to Make Every Popular Chicken Soup Perfectly

Avoid these common slip-ups when making everyone’s favorite cold weather comfort food.

How to Optimize Your Quarantine Nutrition

A nutritionist shares tips on how to help prevent illness and promote overall health.

7 Immune-Boosting Recipes for Summer 2020

Good news! You can eat your favorite summer snacks and feel good about it.

The Next Sourdough: Your Summer 2020 Recipe Trend Forecast

Suggestions disguised as predictions for what we’ll be cooking often this strange season. Did we get these right?

Cops Lie About Milkshakes Too

The NYPD’s Shake Shack incident is a fresh reminder not to take police at their word on anything.

Thanksgiving Sides, Ranked: 2020 Edition

Just in case you missed our fresh ranking of the best sides to feast on this holiday. Turkey isn’t everything, y’know.