BTRtoday’s 2019 SXSW Must-See List

Last year’s SXSW was absolutely insane. By the looks of this year’s schedule, the craziness isn’t coming to an end anytime soon.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of bands playing SXSW and don’t know who to see, worry no longer. BTRtoday has spun the best upcoming bands and musicians for almost 15 years now. So we’re confident in saying we know exactly who we want to check out at SXSW.

These are artists BTRtoday has featured on the site who are also playing this year’s SXSW—they have our stamp of approval and we love them. Go to these shows if you want a 100-percent chance of having a great time and hearing your new favorite band. And make sure to follow the Spotify playlist at the bottom.


This international trio makes edgy music that’s also catchy as all hell.



These rowdy NYC punk rockers play thrashers inspired by the Swans and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.


The Beths

The New Zealand-based quartet blends cool, catchy riff rock with fun vocals for an addictive sound.

The Beths, BTR Live Studio


Big Bliss

Pop-punk band Big Bliss is on a mission to bring gnarly riffs back to the indie rock world.


Big Joanie

The U.K. trio Big Joanie spreads black feminism with in-your-face, catchy and fast punk rock anthems.


Charly Bliss

Reminiscent of the awesomely fuzzy, bubbly goodness from ‘90s pop, Charly Bliss proudly identifies their genre as “bubblegrunge.”

Charly Bliss, BTR Live Studio


Cherry Glazerr

With vocals that stay light and calming amid a blaze of chaotic distortion and thunderous drums, you’ll be moshing to Cherry Glazerr in no time.


The Crack Pipes

Austin’s Crack Pipes been playing bluesy punk rock since the mid-‘90s and have perfected it.


Deaf Poets

This NYC by way of Miami duo keep it gritty with sick distorted guitar and throaty vocals, but aren’t afraid to let melodies flower.


A Deer A Horse

Though a rock ‘n’ roll band through and through, A Deer A Horse plays with the spirit of raging metalheads.

A Deer A Horse, BTR Live Studio



This New Jersey indie rock band Dentist hits the sweet spot between surf, punk and pop.

Dentist, BTR Live Studio


Dirty Fences

Dirty Fences’ catchy melodies and raging guitar riffs take you back to a time when bands like The Ramones and The Clash ruled the world.


The Dirty Nil

The Canadian rockers take pop punk and hardcore and mush it into a chaotic soundball.

The Dirty Nil, BTR Live Studio


Drinking Boys & Girls Choir

These skate-punks from Korea love to drink and love to rock—so be ready for chaos.



Dropper combines post-punk, indie-heartthrob and gritty-garage to create a force to be reckoned.


Frankie & The Witch Fingers

Frankie & The Witch Fingers love for rock ‘n’ roll and psychedelic exploration creates an explosion of jams.


A Giant Dog

A Giant Dog’s music comes from a chaotic and emotionally raw place. It’s like therapy but much more fun.



These New Yorkers whirl up a chaotic tornado of powerful punk and dirty garage rock that’ll rattle your brain.


The Gooch Palms

The Aussie duo has all the heart of a true punk rocker, with the aesthetic of a dirty clump of cotton candy.


Grim Streaker

The Brooklynites of Grim Streaker are unabashed bashers playing tuneful punk rock for modern lovers.

Grim Streaker, BTR Live Studio



The punk band Gymshorts always has fun while rocking out and singing about burritos, drugs and ding-dong-ditch.


Har Mar Superstar

Har Mar’s music isn’t only jam-packed with groovy melodies that will get you moving, but also melancholy moods that may spark a tear.


High Waisted

Just like the sparkles the group wears on their faces, High Waisted’s surf rock sticks to you for days after their shows.


illuminati hotties

illuminati hotties define their sound as tender-punk with a balance of sweet and riotous vibes, and we think that’s perfect.



Hazy with reverb, Kidsmoke makes the perfect music to let your mind wander to.



The West Coast quartet Liily can’t legally drink, but they sure know how to rock.


The Medium

Nashville’s The Medium plays flowery melodies with intricate harmonies and choruses that’ll get stuck in your head.


Miss World

Taking inspiration from Hole and early 2000s fashion, Miss World creates a bright, colorful and lip gloss-strewn version of grunge.


Molly Burch

The Austin-based singer/songwriter Molly Burch has developed a beautiful, understated style of country-tinged indie pop.

Molly Burch, BTR Live Studio


The Mystery Lights

If you’re looking for some true-blue rock ‘n’ rollers, look no further than The Mystery Lights.


Native Sun

These NYC punk rockers rage hard and never fail to bring the house down everywhere they go.


The Nude Party

This HiFi rocking six-piece is a rambunctious bunch who don’t give any f*cks and know how to have fun.


Oh Sees

From Thee Oh Sees to just Oh Sees, these experimental rockers aren’t afraid to shred to death.


Public Practice

These seasoned NYC musicians have created a Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner’s approach to art school punk with Public Practice.


Scott Yoder

Indie musician Scott Yoder has tapped into his more glamorous side with capes, sparkles and strobe lighting.



Swedish experimental punk ShitKid is dreamy, catchy and hardcore all balled up into one.



Sneaks will blow you away with her powerful sound—you can hardly believe it’s just a backing track with her on bass and vocals.



The thrashy and trashy NYC punkers of Surfbort just want to be your friend and for everybody to love each other.


Sweet Spirit

Sweet Spirit is a full-on wild party of sound from A Giant Dog’s frontwoman Sabrina Ellis—her project adds her twangy side to her wild rock ‘’n’ roll.

Sweet Spirit, BTR Live Studio


Thelma & The Sleaze

Thelma & The Sleaze’s blues rock ‘n’ roll will make you scared, horny and empowered.

Thelma & The Sleaze ,BTR Live Studio



Warmduscher have simple beats with intricate and detailed instrumentation and esoteric lyrics that’ll leave you wondering whether the words have a million meanings or none at all.