BTRtoday Stands With Protestors Against Police Violence

In solidarity with demonstrators protesting police brutality, we’re joining other music companies in observing Blackout Tuesday. Instead of today’s regular editorial content, we’ve compiled a list of organizations accepting donations to support civil action across the United States.

State and local city bail funds have been among the most popular organizations to donate to given the number of protestors being arrested across the country. With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, bailing people out of prison quickly and efficiently is more important than ever. Some bail funds, like the Minnesota Freedom Fund and Brooklyn Bail Fund, have received so many donations that they’re dispersing their funds to other groups. Other prominent bail funds include the RVA Bail Fund (Richmond, Va.), Northwest Community Bail Fund (Seattle), and the Louisville Bail Fund, where early Monday morning police murdered yet another unarmed Black man, David McAtee.

Click here for a comprehensive list of bail funds from across the country.

Aside from large bail funds, there are a number of grassroots organizations worth sending money to. Black Visions Collective in Minneapolis, COVID Bail Out NYC, Black Mamas ATX, Atlanta Solidarity Fund, The Peoples City Council Freedom Fund (Los Angeles), and hundreds of other organizations are providing neighborhood relief and legal aid to those arrested. There’s also a long Twitter thread of lawyers and law firms in various cities willing to assist arrested protestors pro bono. And If you’re in New York City, has set up a spreadsheet to help identify and find people who have been arrested during demonstrations.

Unicorn Riot is a nonprofit organization committed to exposing the root causes of dynamic social and environmental issues. If you saw or shared a video from the early nights of protesting in Minneapolis, there’s a good chance it came from Unicorn Riot. Alternative media sources providing frontline video are as important now as ever.

BTRtoday stands in solidarity with the people and organizations providing relief and legal aid to demonstrators across the country. We believe the art and music that normally make up so much of our podcast and video programming and much of our editorial content are important, and will continue to support creators at a time when so many of them are struggling. But we also wanted to highlight the above resources as well as this list going around that contains many good options we urge you to consider for yourself, if you are able to help.

We will also continue paying attention and standing with African Americans and people of color rightfully demanding an end to systemic racism and violence committed against them. “Black Lives Matter” is not just a slogan. It is a fact that needs to be upheld against those who deny it with their actions.