BTR's Favorite Music Videos Of 2018 (So Far)

We’re only a few weeks into the new year, but it’s already rich with awesome music videos.

Bands left and right have been releasing new videos and it’s amazing. There are clowns, skeletons and my butt even makes an appearance in one. So, buckle up, turn up the volume and get ready for BTRtoday’s top ten music videos of 2018 (so far).


Shannon & The Clams “Did You Love Me”

A melancholy song set to a live performance from puppets, skeletons and Shannon & The Clams themselves.


Karen O ft. Michael Kiwanuka “Yo! My Saint”

More like a tragic short film, the combination of the catchy and robust love song with the visuals of the video are extremely captivating. Directed by Ana Lily Amirpour, the video features the new spring/summer line by KENZO.


Insecure Men “Teenage Toy”

Lots of brown suits and gritty furnishings; this song about the frustrations of adolescent sexuality is paired with a video that shows style with a dark side.


shy kids “I Feel Like A Failure”

The Toronto-based band shy kids already has some great music videos and this one is no different. The story of a sad clown will have you feeling for the failures in your life.


First Aid Kit “Fireworks”

Set at a retro high school prom, it’s just a couple of girls feeling down on a night they’re supposed to be happy. Come for the relatable premise. Stay for the sparkles and dated hairdos.


The Vaccines “I Can’t Quit”

It’s a catchy-as-all-hell power pop song with a video that has cute puppers, Hawaiian shirts and chase scenes—what more could you want in 2018?


Look Vibrant “My Nerves”

A lyric video that looks like it’s set in a satanic sex dungeon with lots of junk food being abused; it’s great.


tUnE-yArDs “Heart Attack”

Choreographed group dances are coming back in style and this video is taking the lead.


Hinds “New For You”

The last Hinds video (“Warts“) was aesthetically manicured and extremely color coordinated. This new one gets back to the good ole’ days of a group of friends just having fun.


Thick “Girlie”

Speaking of having fun, here’s a bunch of badass girls not giving a fuck and doing their thang—10/10 will head bang to this. (Yes, my butt is in this…)