BTR’s Favorite Emerging Indie Artists of 2019 (So Far)

If you’re an artist trying to make it in this non-lucrative industry, we salute you.

You’ve willingly chosen to follow your passion, even though there’s practically no money left in the world of music and it’s a guaranteed struggle. The only musicians living like “rock stars” anymore are sell-out pop artist or bands riding that nostalgia wave. The music industry ain’t so glamorous these days.

But us underground music lovers and show rats here at BTRtoday will never stop embracing the indie music world. Up-and-coming bands are what we live for. So, below is a list of artists that only just recently started their band, but are already killing it (in no particular order).

Keep an eye on these cool cats below.


Fever Beam

This Miami-based trio hit the road running with the catchy song “Young Guns” and we’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since. We want more, please.

Fever Beam “Young Guns”



Always fast, hardly accurate—these NYC degenerates are keeping punk rock alive and as dirty as ever, you’ll probably leave one of their shows with a black eye or beer-stained shirt.

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These guys didn’t even want to come to the party, but we’re bringing them here anyway because they’re bringing back some killer experimental post punk vibes and we’re loving it.



Dropper combines heartbreak songs with in-your-face melodies. I’ve had the song about telling everyone “don’t talk to me” stuck in my head since her debut show.

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The project from BOYTOY frontwoman Saara Untracht-Oakner is brilliant in its sensual yet grungy tones.

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If you thought dark metal was dead you were sorely mistaken. Priestess is all dark and epic metal.



It has been called “model punk” or “fashion punk” through the grapevine, but don’t let that fool you. These ladies know how to keep things dirty and sweaty.

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Future Silence

Veterans of the Chicago music scene, this duo gives you intricate and complicated melodies conveyed in a grungy garage rock vibe.


The Peoples Court

New Yorkers by way of Nashville, this wild bunch rocks out with a hint of twang and all chaos on stage.



Combine shimmery glam rock with dirty NYC street punk and you’ve got Godcaster.



Made up of popular NYC indie rockers from Diiv, Bodega and Dead Leaf Echo—it’s no surprise that these guys are already an underground favorite.

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The project of Twin Peaks guitarist Clay Frankel and producer Chris Bailoni, this dancey, yet emotional experimental duo’s fan base keeps getting bigger and bigger since releasing their debut album almost a year ago.



Harsh sounds that erode your mind—Smock brings all the drunk punks together for a wild time, guaranteed.


Kills Birds

This young west coast band brings back the old school grungy sound similar to Kim Gordon or Courtney Love. We definitely want to keep an eye on them.



A brand spankin’ new band from Australia, but will instantly transport you to an era of 1970s psychedelia.